Entry #8

More Book News + Other things

2013-01-03 09:28:16 by KilledBuzz

Hey yall, the children's book I illustrated is finally for sale!
There is a Mouse that is Haunting our House

In other news, fall semester is over, so I'm hoping to start taking commissions during my break for extra work. My prices are still fluctuating so I still gotta decide over that. Let me know if anyone's interested!


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2013-01-03 09:52:44

Congratulations on being in print! Forgive me if I asked this before, but was this a commission work or are you going to see a few bucks from sales?
As a single, old bachelor, I got a kick out the 1st of 2 screenshots of the pages.... look at the size of that wedding ring!! Bad sales point, from my perspective....

KilledBuzz responds:

I don't get any royalties. I started this book when I was 16 and the Author is a relative so I accepted it at the time without the promise of getting paid. I was just happy for the exposure.


2013-01-04 16:04:18

if i buy book do u git paid... how much wur u paid??

KilledBuzz responds:

If you buy the book, you'll help me become noticed! : )